Do I Need a Lawyer?

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Although not every employment situation you encounter requires the hiring of an attorney, many do.  For employers there is more often a need to have a lawyer involved because these sorts of claims can pose substantial risks to your business.  Minimizing those risks by proactively complying with legal requirements in terms of well-constructed and adhered to policies, conducting internal audits to determine wage and hour compliance and investigation of employee complaints can all be important objectives your lawyer can help achieve. 

For the employee, the equation is usually a bit more complex, however, knowing your rights and obligations can help the employee prevent missteps.  Also, figuring out exactly how to communicate an issue to an employer can prove to be the difference between a resolved problem and the termination of an employment relationship.  All of these are reasons to hire a lawyer.

There are federal, state and in some instances, local laws that impact employment rights. In addition to knowing these laws, the attorneys who handle employment disputes have the experience to evaluate individual claims and provide advice and guidance as to the best way to resolve a difficult situation.

As an individual, the following are some warning signs that you need to discuss your case with an attorney:

If you are an employer, the following are signs that you probably need to consult with an attorney:

Remember, until you consult with a lawyer and in many cases sign a retainer agreement, you have not hired a lawyer to represent you.